Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I bring my toddler to class with me? 

Yes, Mom & Tot OC is a group for moms and toddlers. It's a playgroup for toddlers and a relaxed environment for moms to gain knowledge from guest speakers and support from the other moms. 

What do the toddlers do when the speakers are talking? 

The environment is completely baby proofed and safe for toddlers to crawl or walk around. They interact with other toddlers and are entertained by toys provided by Mom & Tot OC. 

Are the topics just related to moms? Or couples too? 

The guest speakers provide expert advice on marriage & family, relationships, CPR, safety, car seats, photography, sleep, toddler nutrition, swimming, activities, holistic health, home organization, and more. 

How long is each class? 

Each class lasts 90 minutes and the session is 8 weeks. 

Where is Mom & Tot OC located? 

36 Shaman, Irvine, Ca 92618

Do you have weekend classes? 

Not at this time. 

Can I bring my husband to class with me? 

Dads may attend the swim playdate at Waterworks Aquatics.

I can only attend 4 classes, can you prorate my fee? 

Mom & Tot OC cannot prorate any fees. 

Do you have a sick policy? What about vaccinations?

Due to the health and well being of everyone at Mom & Tot OC, we feel it is vital to maintain a strict wellness policy. If your toddler is sick, please do not bring them to class. You may attend the class without your toddler or provide Dawn with the questions you have for the speaker and she will make sure they are answered. If your toddler is under the age of 1, we do verify that they are up to date on vaccinations.

Can I bring food to class?