Twin Registry


I always tell expectant moms don't wait until the last minute to register, like I did. I had stacks of registries that were frugal, practical, lavish and lengthy. After having kids and using these products day in and day out, I was inspired to start my own list, one that made sense for expectant moms of multiples. 

Tips before Registering

1.  Don’t register for baby clothes. Everyone will buy those for you regardless.
2.  Only wash baby clothes up until 6 months, anything past that keep tags on because your baby may never get a chance to wear, so you can sell on facebook, craigslist, or give away.
3.  Don’t register for fancy baby detergent. Nurses in the NICU said just use what you use normally. If they develop a rash, then switch. I agree! 
4    Join the mom Facebook groups.  You can buy and sell used baby items and get excellent support on any questions about pediatricians, breastfeeding, etc. 
5    Amazon Prime will be your new best friend if you aren’t already signed up. 2 day shipping, sometimes same day. This will save you several trips to store once babies arrive. Amazon is also fantastic for reading reviews on products!
6    Register at more than one place. I registered at Amazon, babies r us, and pottery barn. Give people options!
Expect that people will buy 50-60% of your registry items, and you will have to buy the rest. Again, craigslist and the facebook groups are awesome for used baby stuff. 



1.     Medela, Freestyle Pump and storage bags 

2.     Aden +Anais BAMBOO light-weight blankets (8 +) for feeding, cleaning up messes, covering the stroller to keep the sun out of the baby’s eyes, etc. These are the only blankets we use and they are the best! 

3.     My Brest Friend Pillow (2) – one for upstairs one for downstairs. The brown color is the softest, the pattern ones are not soft. Place a baby on each side and tandem feed, and if you end up doing bottles, you can keep them in the same position and feed them bottles too.

4.     Boppy Pillow (4) – two for upstairs, two for downstairs.  Use once the babies turn 6 months and/or are too big for the breast friend pillow. Sit on the couch, place a baby in boppy on each side of you and bottle feed.

5.     Baby Bottle Holder by Lil Helper (4) – use once the babies turn 6 months if you are bottle-feeding. This is a fantastic invention! It attaches to the bottle so the babies can grasp it better. Then you can actually have your hands free when you are feeding them.

6.     Nursing Cover– if you’re breastfeeding. You really only need one. I bought several thinking I would be breastfeeding 2 babies in public. Impossible!

8.     Bravado nursing bras and nursing tank tops and Medela sleep bras – only buy like 1 of each of everything until the babies arrive because you won’t know what you like until you actually have to wear it.


1.     Aden & Anais bamboo Sleep Sacks – since you can’t have blankets in the cribs these keep the baby warm after you wean them from the swaddle. They are great for the summer.

2.     Halo Sleep sacks – these are excellent for winter. My babies sleep in these every night.


1.     A lightweight stroller- I have and love the Baby Jogger City Select and second seat. It comes with car seats. Super lightweight, so easy to get in and out of car. And can get through any doorway at restaurants, also a huge pouch on bottom, so you can put your groceries in there. Go to Buy Buy Baby, the young guys in the dept are very knowledgeable.

2.     Bob Revolution SE Dualllie Stroller– jogger, expensive and heavy but everyone loves the BOB to get around town/mobility. Will be great for Disneyland. Not the mall, its very wide. Also great for Stroller Strides which I recommend joining!

3.     Carseats – register for carseats for use when the babies are 1-3 yrs old. It will save some money.

4.     Summer infant cushy straps – these work excellent! We have them on the car seats and my bob stroller.

5.     Baby Bjorn carrier – we have 2 of these. My husband isn’t as thrilled about it, but its great for around the house and one is crying. I like the Bjorn verses others because the baby faces out.

6.     Graco Pack N Play Playard portable napper and changer – (2) You can keep it in your room for the first few weeks the babies are born (instead of buying co-sleeper – biggest waste of money ever). Keep one in living room for changing diapers and napping. You will need both if you plan on traveling. We have one in living room and one in our guest room incase one of the babies wakes up early from nap, I put him/her in the pac n play in other room.

7.     Sound Machine – register for one that makes noise all night. We have wave sounds and the babies love it. I keep it on all night.

8.     Do not disturb sign for front door- I bought one on etsy. It says babies and dogs sleeping inside please do not knock or ring bell, call if you need me and my # is listed. I also ripped out the doorbell (after FedEx decided to ignore my sign and ring the bell then knock). This is a lifesaver during naps!!!!

Bath Time/First Aid

1.     First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub– great! You only need one!

2.     Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Tub – once they hit 6 months and outgrow the newborn tub, this works great to put in the actual bathtub. Mine are too small for actual tub, so this little inflatable tub is a perfect transition.

3.     Soft washcloths and towels

4.     Aveeno Baby wash – works great, buy a few bottles.

5.     Infant hair brush and comb

6.     Nail clippers and file – register for 2.

7.     Infant Tylenol – register for 6

8.     Thermometer – register for the forehead one and the rectal one. Doc will always ask you rectal temp if baby is sick. Forehead one is easy swipe though for your own piece of mind.

9.     Nose frida snot sucker – best snot sucker around.  

Play Stuff/Toys:

1.     Fisher Price, Cradle swings (2) – these take up a lot of space but they are fantastic! They are very soft and there is a mirror above and a mobile that keeps them entertained for hours. Great for when you want to take a shower, cook dinner, or go to the bathroom.

2.     Ocean Wonders Play Mat –You only need 1.

3.     Sophie – register for 2. My babies love these!!!

4.     Fisher price rainforest Jumperoo – (2). The babies love this! Once they outgrow the swings these are great. They can play for an hour or so while you get stuff done around the house.  

5.     Pacifiers – register for 6 wubanubas and soothies. The Wubanubas are great because they babies can hold onto them.

6.     Soft baby books and rattles

7.     Plastic bins – keep in trunk to store diapers, toys, extra clothes, etc.

8.     Milestone stickers – these are great for taking pics each month in the same chair in their nursery.

9.     Best Choice Products®Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard Home Indoor Outdoor New Pen – once they are 6 months and can roll or crawl, this is great for corralling them. We keep it in the living room.

10.  Prince Lionheart playMAT, ABC (2) – I have one of these for the carpet for playtime so they don’t ruin the carpet with drool and spit up, I also have one for the car. It’s a great material and perfect for putting them on the grass.


1.     Foscam FBM3502 Digital Video Baby Monitor– You can zoom in and out, turn the camera different directions, you can talk into the camera and the babies can hear you. We have the basic one without wifi. It’s simple, all you do is plug in. I love it. It also tells the temp in the nursery! I have 2 of these – one in nursery and one downstairs when I leave them in bouncy chairs and shower.

2.    Sunshine Kids Easy View Mirror for car (2) - small and easy to position. 

3.     Window shades for car.  

Diapers, Etc.:

1.     Diaper Genie – (2) - One for nursery and one for living room or your room. Make sure it’s the newest model with the foot pedal that opens the top.

2.     Diaper Genie refill bags – register for a ton!!

3.     Disposable changing pads (large) – I put these on the pack n play changing pad part in case it’s a messy diaper, also great for changing the babies on floor once they start flipping on table.  Bought a big box from Amazon for super cheap

4.     SkipHop Pronto Changing Pad – (2) I keep one in car and one in diaper bag.

5.     We use the Pampers Swaddlers and the pampers sensitive skin wipes

6.     Dry wipes/cloths – For the first 2 months since we had preemies the NICU had us using these with warm water to clean the babies’ behinds instead of wipes. We still use the dry cloths and tuck in their necks when feeding them bottles. Can purchase in bulk on amazon.

7.     Coconut oil / Aquaphor – both work great for diaper rash

8.     Hand sanitizer – buy 10 bottles and place all around your house – bathroom, changing tables, counter, by front door, coffee table, etc.


1.     Cribs, dresser w changing table – Pottery Barn delivers and assembles!! (We kept the babies in same crib until they were 3 months.

2.     Changing Pad (1) and covers (2)

3.     Sheets – we have 6 fitted sheets, 4 waterproof mattress covers. 

4.     Baby Crib mirror by Genius Baby Toys (2) – doesn’t get in the way when changing sheets.

5.     BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner (2) – put in the cribs once the babies start sticking their hands and feet through and getting stuck.


1.     Dr. Browns bottles – I have 10 of each size  - 4 oz and 8 oz

2.     Dr. Browns nipples – levels 1 and 2 and 3

3.     Boon grass bottle drying rack extra large – excellent! I love this!!

4.     Pink tub from hospital – I keep it in the sink at all times for soaking the bottles.

5.     Bottle Brush – register for 2. You will need to change these out every few months.

6.     Bumbo chairs – These are great for feeding the babies solids, we started at 4 months. They don’t need highchairs until they are 6 months.

7.     Boon Flair pedestal high chairs – If you don’t have a ton of space in garage, don’t register for highchairs, just wait. I just bought 2 of these. Super retro and easy to clean, huge base though. I love them.

8.     Burp cloths – cloth diapers make the best burp cloths!

9.     Ellie Rose extra absorbent bibs (4) – I bought these at Nordstrom and you can also get online. They are hands down the best bibs for bottle-feeding!


Items I found useless:

1.     Honest diapers – Not just your typical Disney print. New moms are very attracted to the stylish patterns on these diapers, I know I was! Super cute, but honestly – they don’t hold in the poop. It ends up all over their backs!

2.     Summer infant baby monitor. It’s a pain in the butt to set up. I registered for that originally, spent hours on the phone with support, and returned. It’s also really expensive.

3.     Mama-Roo – I registered for 2 of these.  They are very expensive, but don’t take up a ton of space. Babies either love them or hate them. Mine hated them and I can see why. They aren’t comfortable, they look and feel like car seats, and there is no rotating mobile or mirror above for them to look at.

4.     Ergo Baby Carrier – experienced moms told me not to register for this, but I couldn’t resist the cute chevron print. Your baby can only face you, not outward. Better off with the Bjorn, which can go both ways.

5.     Crib Bumpers – I spent a small fortune on personalized ones on Etsy. Found out while in the NICU that they can cause SIDS, so we don’t use them. 

6.  Co-Sleeper. We used the co-sleeper for about 2 weeks. Pac N Play would have worked just the same. 

7.  Bath Mat Kneeler - It's just silly! 

Written by,

Dawn Antis 

Dawn Antis is a mom of twin toddlers and stepmom to 3 adult children. She is the founder and blog writer for Mom & Tot OC, a mommy & me group for toddlers in Orange County, California. Dawn is the Chair of Communications for Valiant Women of Mission Hospital. She was the Associate Editor of Orange Coast Magazine and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. Dawn resides in Irvine with her husband and little ones.