Sleep Specialist
Michelle Donaghy, a certified Gentle Sleep Coach will explain the benefits of a well rested toddler, how many hours a night your toddler should be sleeping, how many naps your toddler should be taking, traveling, sound machines, black out shades, and more.

Marriage & Family
Mark Howerton, a marriage and family therapist and father of 4, will explain the benefits of finding time for yourself (without feeling guilty), and how to balance your marriage and family. He will also give advice on keeping the spark alive after kids, date nights, disciplining toddlers, and more.

Car Seat Installation, CPR, & Safety
Ben Spearing, a certified technician specialist will help install and educate you on your child's car seat, check if there are any existing recalls, and make sure your child is the right size and weight for their seat. Alexa Pratt, an education specialist with the Orange County Fire Authority, will demonstrate what to do if your toddler is choking, uncommon choking hazards, drowning prevention, earthquake preparedness, and safety instructions everyone should have in their home.

Toddler Nutrition
Erin Piccola, a board certified acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritional expert, and a mom will discuss herbal therapy, toddler nutrition and various modalities she uses on her own family. She will also address simple toddler recipes and healthy snacks and meals they will love!

Toddler Activities
Maruska Gannon, a mom and founder of, the #1 search engine for kids activities will discuss things to do in Orange County with toddlers including free activities, story-time, museums, and more. 

Jenn Sturtevant, head photographer for Classic Kids Photography in Newport Beach will teach you how to keep your toddler still in front of the camera, and even smile! She will also be taking professional photos of you with your little ones.

Swim Playdate at Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine
A swim and water safety class in a group setting that will highlight the benefits of toddler swimming. In a fun, relaxed environment, skills are taught through repetition of songs and activities. The class emphasizes positive reinforcement and progress at a comfortable pace for you and your tot.

Home Organization
Ria Safford, a mom and professional organizer will show everyone efficient ways to de-clutter kids rooms, diapers drawers, play areas, your car, closet, pantry, and more. She will also show everyone simple storage savers that she uses in her own home. 

Orange County Parks & Play
Michele Whitaker, a certified Interpretive Guide, guidebook writer, and mom that helps families prioritize nature and play time will give us insight on the best parks, playgrounds, beaches, nature centers and walks in OC. She'll discuss the difference between structured and unstructured play and how moms can feel good about playing and the parenting culture that surrounds the playground.

Susie Alexander, owner of Once Upon a Storybook and a mom, will discuss the importance of reading aloud to toddlers, varieties of book styles, and she will do storytime with the tots!

* Topics are subject to change