"This was such an amazing experience. I have twin boys that are almost a year old and I have wanted to do a mommy and me type class since they were born but I was nervous. I have twins, they are fussy and I'm somewhat of an introvert myself. I met Dawn and she told me about her class. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did! The boys loved playing and I always came away with new knowledge! No one was judgemental which is such a relief and everyone was supportive of each other (which is also so needed as a first time mom). I definitely recommend to all moms of little ones! Thank you Dawn for making an incredible class!" - Sara B., Costa Mesa

"This class was such a delight for both me and my 17 month old daughter. All of the kids are close in age and enjoy the interaction with each other. The speakers are very educational! I would recommend this class to anyone with young tots, looking to meet other moms in the area!" - Ria S., Irvine

"With Mom and Tot I started to get more active every morning because my twins loved to play with other kids and mommy loved to get out of the house to get distracted. Join the group!" - Paulina, T., Lake Forest

"My 11 month old triplets and I just finished our second session at Mom and Tot OC. It was a great experience. I was able to meet and build friendships with other mothers of singletons and twins! My triplets now sleep through the night because of the advice I received from the sleep specialist! The environment was very relaxing and safe for our children. My kids learned to interact with other children and had a blast! We also did some fun craft projects. We enjoyed it so much that we will be joining the summer session!" - Alex L., Lake Forest

"Mom & Tot OC has been such a great, supportive group! I'm new to CA and have gained so much insight into the area though this group of ladies. I'm not a first-time mom, but there are 12 years in-between my kiddos, and so much has changed in that time! Mom & Tot has been a great resource for the latest information on things like sleep habits, toys and other product to promote developmental milestones, and nutrition. I'm so appreciative of Mom & Tot OC and can't wait for the next session to begin!" - Tammi F., Irvine


"I really enjoyed Mark [therapist]! His approach and advice on disciplining toddlers was very helpful for time outs and screen time. The environment you've created is very welcoming and comfortable. I never felt rushed out of there and I appreciated all of the crafts and activities." - Nicole L., Tustin.  

"The fact that I could bring Gianna to class with me was very beneficial. We both loved the crafts! They were so fun and not something that other Mommy & Me groups offer. Mom & Tot OC is held inside a home, which to me is awesome." - Gina C., Placentia 

"We just finished our first session with Mom & Tot OC and we are signing up again. It was a great experience for myself and my twins. We had a great time getting know the other mamas and babies. The guest speakers provided great insight and knowledge in raising little ones. We can't wait until the next session starts.” – Laura M., San Clemente

"It's been great joining mom and tot OC :). Both me and my daughter enjoyed going every week. It's been lots of fun and at the same time as a first time mom, it's lovely to have such a wonderful support group. I can't wait for the second session to start." - Lina H., Orange

"I loved the nutritionist! She was informational and her recipes were awesome! I expressed my concern to her that my daughter doesn't like to eat eggs and she told me to keep re-introducing it. I did and she eats eggs with no problem." - Camilla T., Irvine 

"As a mom of twins and two older kids, I wasn't sure if I could do this group on my own. Mom & Tot OC is definitely doable with twins! There was 3 other moms with multiples in the group! Dawn is very hands on and helped a lot with the twins...and triplets." - Megan C., Mission Viejo


"Before joining, my twins had a lot of stranger anxiety and hadn't been around other toddlers much. However, after Mom & Tot OC there has been a huge transformationDawn is an inspirational mom, she's very friendly and make everyone feel welcome. She does a fantastic job facilitating and making sure that everyone has a good time while learning beneficial parenting skills. The Swim playdate was my favorite! It gave my husband and I the confidence to take our twins in the pool ourselves (such as taking them under water). I learned that I can get the babies out of the house even when it throws them totally off schedule and that the world won't stop spinning and they'll be fine. I appreciated that Mom & Tot OC checked to make sure everyone was vaccinated and that the toys were cleaned after each class. - Deb P., Newport Coast

"I joined Mom & Tot OC so I could meet other moms with children around my son's age, also for networking, support, and to learn from them. It's nice to have moms in your same situation to talk with and gain support from. I'm excited to sign up for a third session!" - Amy A., Irvine 


The atmosphere is super chill and even if you’re a first time mom, or one with multiples, it’s not overwhelming at all. Plus it gives you a chance to meet other moms.” – Nikki L., Irvine

“My favorite was the photographer! I love taking photos, so I feel like I learned a lot from her, plus I loved the pics we got to keep!” - Allie W., San Clemente


"Meet awesome, funny, supportive, & intelligent mommies…check! Offer a safe & fun place for my toddler to socialize & play with other babies....check! Learn basic child CPR…check! Learn how to take better photos of my LO…check! Improve my marriage, my sense of self as a new mommy and feel more centered…check! Learn more about story time and children's books…check! Share stories, joys, challenges, and questions about motherhood, kids, or whatever else is on your mind…check! Get advice on how to help my LO sleep better…check! Mom & Tot OC is a welcoming, educational, caring, and just all-around awesome group that creates a great community of moms and friendship. The groups are small, so it's an intimate space where you feel very comfortable sharing whatever is on your mind and getting great feedback from others. I learned that I'm not as much of a "failure" as I feel sometimes (as a mom). I always leave feeling inspired." - Christy D., Huntington Beach


"It was so great hanging out and doing life in such a transparent and safe environment. Such a wonderful group. And my son got to play with friends and enjoyed the program as well!" - Madison M., Orange                  

"If you are wanting to join a baby playgroup look no further this is a awesome one! Not only does your little one get to socialize but you get to connect with some great mothers in a intimate setting while getting some good advice/info from your fellow moms and guest speakers including a professional photographer a CPR certified licensed nurse and sleep consultant to name a few. I really enjoyed Jenee [CPR Specialist]! It was a good refresher and CPR is definitely something everyone should know." - Olivia Y., Irvine 

"I support this group as both a Mariage and Family Therapist and as a parent of 4 kids. (Please start a Pop & Tot OC!!) It is important to have a group of women, who can provide encouragement and empathy through the joys and challenges of being a mom during the early stages of parenting.  This group provides community, support, and practical insights for women in this stage of the parenting game. I would recommend this group to any new mom I know or work with." - Mark Howerton, Marriage & Family Therapist 

"As a mother of 2, I know how important it is to have a village at every age of parenting. Mom & Tot OC offer mothers of toddlers a supportive and welcoming environment - let's be honest, parenting is hard!! Plus they have wonderful variety of guest speakers to help you on this journey. As the Sleep Consultant for them, I love coming to talk with this group." - Michelle. S. Donaghy, founder of MSD Baby Sleep Coach and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

"I loved watching you ladies interact with your little ones." - Susie Alexander, Owner of Once Upon A Storybook 

"Mom and Tot OC is an excellent resource for mothers in our community. As a previous participant in the group, as well as a recurring presenter, I can truly speak to the value of this organization. As a new mother, I usually have more questions than answers when it comes to raising my child! This group of women provided a sounding board and a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences. I have personally been invited to speak to the group on the importance of proper nutrition for toddlers. This is a topic that very few new parents feel confident and well-educated about. I get questions all the time from patients and fellow parents about how to please those picky toddler palates, all while making sure their little bodies are getting enough essential nutrients. The support of fellow parents and knowledge from experts can make all the difference in these early years. I applaud the organizers of Mom and Tot OC for recognizing this need in our community and fulfilling it so beautifully!" -  Erin Piccola, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nutrition Expert

"As a pediatric nurse, I always love to see a safe & informative place for moms to come together. Mom & Tot OC is not only a fun place but it is also full of support and information. Throughout my teaching at Mom & Tot OC, I have been able to pass along important tips on safety hazards and what to do in the event of an emergency. It is such a wonderful thing to see these women gain insight and to know that I have helped them protect their children. I support Mom & Tot OC 100%. I would highly recommend to anyone I know and I look forward to joining a class myself in the future!" - Jenee M., Pediatric Nurse

"Being part of a small mommy and me group is the key to sanity and better parenting for stay-at-home moms - at least it was for me. I don't know of anything that can take the worries away or calm the "am I doing this right?" questions better than a group of encouraging moms who know and feel EXACTLY what you are going through. Inviting actual experts to give educational talks just adds to the value of what Dawn is doing with Mom & Tot OC." – Michele Whiteaker, Certified Interpretive Guide